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Engine Optimization

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a vehicle emissions control technology, will allow the engine to stay focused on producing efficient power and torque over a long life. By freeing the engine from emissions control responsibilities, SCR enables greater fuel-efficiencies and reduces the cost of operations.

Through today's emissions control technologies, particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are effectively and efficiently handled without stressing the engine. That means the engine runs better, stays cleaner and lasts longer.

Optimization of the engine leads to better fuel efficiency and reduced particulate output. As a result, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) needs less active regeneration (a filter cleaning process), further enhancing fuel efficiency. Any additional NOx generated by the optimization is then efficiently and effectively handled by the SCR catalyst which reduces NOx in the exhaust stream and at the tailpipe. In this way, SCR-equipped trucks can easily achieve even the lowest emissions requirements.

Most importantly, experience has shown that SCR technology is extremely reliable. That's why from the perspective of leading vehicle and engine manufacturers around the world today, SCR is the ideal vehicle emissions control technology. With an increase in diesel engine fuel efficiency of 3-5% in Class 8 heavy duty trucks and emission levels that will meet and go beyond the stringent EPA 2010 standards, SCR has proven that it is the only technology that is as good for vehicle performance, business and fuel economy as it is for the environment.