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SCR Performance Advantage

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the only vehicle emissions control technology that is proven to be as good for business and vehicle performance as it is for the environment. Not only is SCR the only technology that meets the strict EPA 2010 standards at the tailpipe, but with the difficulties of a struggling economy, one can't help but focus on the fuel-efficiency of diesel vehicles as well as their ability to run more cleanly.

In the trucking industry, where operations and profitability are key, the future is SCR. With the ability to deliver better fuel-efficiency than alternative engines using massive rates of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), the greatest benefit of using SCR is its performance advantage. Initial results show that SCR will increase fuel efficiency by about 3-5%, returning $3,000+/year (based on diesel prices around $4-5 per gallon), a significant operational savings per truck for a typical North American fleet. In Europe where the technology has been in use for several years, SCR has also been shown to lower operating costs and increase resale truck values because it is the only technology that optimizes fuel efficiency while allowing the engine to run cleaner. SCR is reliable and, as the dominant emissions control technology in Europe with more than 500,000 SCR-equipped trucks in operation, SCR is proven.

Did you know? According to an online study conducted in May 2009, more than half (51.2%) of truck buyers are likely or very likely to consider the purchase of SCR to meet the 2010 EPA standards, compared to only 31.2% that are likely or very likely to consider increased EGR.  Find out more by clicking here.


New Ways of Thinking on Performance

As a vehicle emissions control technology, SCR requires a shift in mindset from expecting one engine to do everything in exchange for trade-offs and inefficiencies to an engine system of proven components that each perform specific and focused functions with precision. To that end, the biggest challenge SCR faces is not one of performance, but education. The purpose of FactsAboutSCR.com is to offer true, timely, substantiated and accurate data and reports on SCR while dispelling some of the myths surrounding it.