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The European Experience

European governments have encouraged citizens to take advantage of diesel's inherent energy efficiency by offering incentives for the purchase and operation of diesel cars and trucks. Diesel vehicles account for more than 40% of new vehicles in Europe today. As a result, in the decade between 1995-2004, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from passenger cars have been reduced by 12%.

In addition, Europe is equipping its commercial trucks with SCR technology at an incredible pace. Current reports show that SCR-equipped trucks are growing by an average of 25,000 per month. In just two short years, between 2006 and 2008, the industry grew from 30,000 vehicles to more than 500,000 heavy-duty SCR-equipped trucks. Reports show that the SCR adoption rate is continuing to climb as more and more companies upgrade their fleets. With fuel prices at an all time high, being able to say you have the cleanest possible diesel technology while simultaneously pocketing 3-5% in fuel savings is simply too good to pass up.

This is further confirmed by the growth of sales in Diesel Exhaust Fluid. According to data from Integer-Research, demand for AdBlue, the European version of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, has increased from 55,000 tons in 2006 to over 415,000 tons in 2007 and continues to rise.

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