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Quixote Group, Greensboro, NC

As emissions reduction mandates slated for 2009 and 2010 draw near, and the implementation and commercial success of SCR becomes a reality, FactsAboutSCR.com delivers the latest news and performance findings about the benefits of SCR emissions control technology.

This site features topics related to the uses and advantages of SCR, particularly in commercial applications, and seeks to bring those benefits to the attention of industry and the general public. This site serves as an information resource for the SCR education and communications task force of the North American SCR Stakeholders Group, an ad-hoc industry alliance made up of representatives from original equipment manufacturers in the engine, truck and commercial vehicle industry, as well as retail and supply partners, producers, distributors, dispensing equipment and services and governing agencies, and content on the site is developed in cooperation with them.

The FactsAboutSCR.com site is managed by Quixote Group, a firm comprised of trend and market analysts and communications specialists working on behalf of the North American SCR Stakeholders Group and its SCR education and communications task force. To submit information or presentations for posting to the site, please contact us.